Coaching Packages

ADHD/Executive Function Coaching for Middle, High School or College Students


In my world, no student is ever behind. My role as a coach is to guide and encourage students to move from where they are to where they want to be.


Executive functions are the cognitive skills that manage and organize behaviors, which allow for task completion. Executive function (EF) coaching promotes the growth of self-knowledge and self-confidence in selecting and implementing strategies and skills to complete tasks. Executive functions, such as time management, planning, organization, task initiation, flexibility, and self-control, to name a few, are typically not fully developed until the mid-twenties. Therefore, executive function coaching is beneficial for all students, not just those with ADHD or LD students.


Signs of students who may benefit from EF coaching may include:







I help students develop a “toolkit” of strategies and skills to draw from while working towards self-set life and academic goals. As a coach, I work with students to develop learning to learn skills. This is different from a tutor who focuses on academic content. Each of my students is unique; thus, I do not have a set program that I take students through. Instead, I design an individual plan for each student, selecting techniques and strategies from my own “toolkit.” Building a relationship of trust and respect is vital for our work together, as the student and I co-create a plan to reach goals and continue to tweak the plan as we see fit. Most importantly, we celebrate accomplishments together, no matter how small


Services that may be offered, but are not limited to:

  • Review of educational history

  • Short-term goal setting

  • Long-term goal setting

  • Organization techniques

  • Identification of motivators

  • Motivation strategies

  • Time management planning and reminders

  • Establishment of routines

  • Study or work plan construction

  • Development of self-advocacy skills

  • Academic or career exploration

  • Study skills instruction

  • Confidential treatment of all materials and conversations

  • Anxiety

  • Difficulty with task initiation

  • Lack of self-Motivation

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Procrastination

  • Disorganization

  • Missed deadlines

  • Poor grades

  • Perfectionism

6 Hour Package

Explore the Possibilities Coaching

50-minute session + 30-minute check-in
x 4 weeks

50-minute session x 6 weeks

Free initial consultation; virtual or in-person coaching sessions, pre-session preparation, post-session notes, check-ins, reminders, parent communication


15 Hour Package

Anything is Possible Coaching

50-minute session + 30-minute check-in
x 10 weeks

50-minute session x 15 weeks

All services included in the Explore the Possibilities package, plus

  • Consultation with other professionals (if requested)

  • One 30-minute Emergency session

30 Hour Package

Endless Possibilities Coaching

50-minute session + 30-minute check-in
x 20 weeks

50-minutes session x 30 weeks

All services included in the Anything is Possible package, plus

  • One 30-minute “Emergency Sessions” (two total)

Package Add-Ons

30-minute Emergency Session

Emergency sessions are scheduled by student with less than 24-hour notice, based upon availability of coach.

30-minute Parent Coaching Session

Topic of session is determined by parent or coach and must be scheduled with a minimum of 48-hours’ notice.