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College Advising Packages


The college search and admissions process has changed dramatically and is not how I remembered it- fill in the relevant information and click send. The process is multi-faceted and requires a great deal of organization and planning. Most importantly, the process is centered on finding right-fit universities for the student. Higher education is about more than academics- it is also about opportunities to grow socially and emotionally. Students who find the right-fit college environment will thrive and build self-confidence with a better-defined sense of self.  


My work with students is individualized; thus, I elect to offer a free consult with families to determine the fit of our personalities and work styles. Finding the right-fit advisor, who will guide a student through an individualized plan, is as important as finding the right-fit university. To that end, I have designed packages to address specific milestones in the search and application process; yet coach the student through an individualized path in achieving the milestone. If my packages are not the right fit for a student, I work with the student to design their time to help achieve their goals. My work is guided by the ethical practices as detailed in the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice and IECA. I also guarantee confidential treatment of all conversations and materials.

The Essays

Explore the Possibilities Advising

High school Juniors and Seniors
Up to 5 Colleges-Personal Statement + Supplements


Instruction and guidance about the purpose and process of writing the personal statement and writing supplements, topic brainstorming, prompt selection, co-creation of writing timeline with reminders and encouragement, editing and revision advice, constructive feedback

College Students
4-Hour Blocks

Design the Possibilities Advising

This is a prepaid block of time that may be used at the family’s discretion for things such

  • Early college planning (freshman or sophomore year), Exploration and analysis of interests, learning style, goals, preferences in relation to college

  • Academic or career exploration

  • Learning disabilities program guidance

  • Campus visit planning

  • Application support

  • Co-creation of application timeline

  • Essay brainstorming, review, or editing

  • Application review prior to submission

  • Support in making final school decision 
    *Bundled hours may not be used in to build a college list.

Hourly consultation is available upon request. 

The List

Anything is Possible Advising

High School Juniors and Senior Year*



Evaluation of academic record, extracurricular involvement, and school profile; analysis of student surveys designed to explore interests, learning style, goals, and preferences in relation to college; interviews or surveys to understand family’s priorities and educational values; learning disabilities program guidance

Comprehensive Package

Endless Possibilities Advising

Includes All services included in the Explore the Possibilities and Anything is Possible packages, plus:

  • Academic and extracurricular suggestions

  • Essay guidance for up to three additional universities

  • Access to GuidedPath, an online platform, which streamlines
    the process for students and families.

  • Co-creation of application timeline 

  • Time management planning, reminders, and encouragement

  • Activities resume advice

  • Application review

  • Campus visit planning 

  • College interview recommendations

  • Support in making final school decision

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